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Dinosaurs and Drifting Continents

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      Bernard Nebel


      The following site has the most extensive collection of dinosaur photographs I have ever seen–all known species I think. (Point out to kids that no such photograph shows the real thing, however. They are models which are best estimates based on fossil skeletons that have been found.)

      Incorporated into the site is an “interactive globe” in which you can see what the earth looked like, i.e., positions of continents, from 750 million years ago forward. In the lower left of the screen you will see a brief description of flora and fauna corresponding to the particular age. (Again, point out to kids that such “maps” are projections based on geological evidence. No one was there to see it.) A unique feature is that you can put in where you live, or any other location, and see how this location drifted with the land mass over the ages.

      Have fun. Please comment.


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