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Selective breeding–Video animation that illustrates the concept

Science Education for the Early Grades Forums Volume One Learning Progression “B”: Life Science Lesson B-4B. What is a Species? Selective breeding–Video animation that illustrates the concept


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      This video illustrates the concept of selective breeding. You will need to add that the selective breeding process is practiced over many generations. Indeed, it continues to be practiced today as new breeds/varieties are continually being developed. Have students discuss how a given plant or animal might be further changed/improved and how this might be done through selective breeding. Have students consider the career of being a plant/animal breeder. Please post questions or comments.

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      We also enjoyed watching “Dogs That Changed the World: Dogs by Design” currently available on the PBS website:

      Dogs By Design | Full Episode

      [Disclaimer: I was personally fine with letting my kids watch it, but as with any movie recommendation, each family may want to preview it and decide for themselves.]

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