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Protocol for implementing a lesson?

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      I’m new to the format of BFSU. I’m good with letting the flow of the threads happen naturally, and I’m not going to worry about making a plan of that flow well in advance.

      My roadblock and thus, my question: Is there a protocol or procedure for turning what I read in a lesson into an actionable plan? And what is the most efficient way for me to do this? I can’t spend an hour or more of prep for each lesson (or, how much time is your prep for each lesson, not counting gathering books and materials?)

      Do you read through and highlight within? Type out some notes to follow? Make a notecard?

      Does anyone have an example where you can walk me through a lesson and the parent’s process along the way?

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      What I do is first while following flowchart and what the prerequisites is write down all the lessons on flashcards and order them based on the flowchart and prerequisites. Then I type up my script based on the lesson on what I will say and do.

      I use my font to kind of designate what I will say, what the kids response might be and what what I will do.

      I wish there was a video of Mr. Nebel presenting some of the lessons. So I can get an idea of how he envisions these lessons being presented.

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