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Black Soldier Flies to the Rescue

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      Bernard Nebel

      Black Soldier Flies to the Rescue

      With a still growing world population, there is an ongoing striving to produce enough food. Enter into the picture, black soldier flies, (BSF) a large (3/4 in) fly that does not bite, sting, carrie disease, or buzz around picnics, but breeds prolifically. A female BSF lays up to 500 eggs and the grubs, feeding on garbage and other organic waste, readily covert the waste into nutritious feed, for chickens, fish, and other animals. A one-acre BSF breeding facility will produce the protein and oil equivalent to 100 acres of soybeans. On the other hand, the BSF growing facility can be a modest tent in your back yard to grow the flies on your garbage and feed your own chickens. The poop left over from the fly larva makes excellent organic fertilizer.
      See the following video and google “black soldier fly farming” for further information.

      the business of commercial black soldier fly farming

      I hope you will investigate this further and let us know what you find. Some of you may take the step of giving it a try. I think it would/will be a wonderful learning experience for kids of all ages and parents too.

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