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Introduction to Newcomers:

BFSU is a complete, comprehensive science curriculum for grades K-8. Detailed hands-on, minds-on lesson plans guide teachers in bringing kids to reach conclusions through their own observing, logical thinking, and reasoning.

Texts guide users in presenting lessons in a sequence that builds knowledge and understanding in logical systematic steps, each new lesson utilizing and reinforcing what has gone before. All four fields of science are pursued in tandem such that making cross connections becomes a natural part of learning.

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The result achievable by the end of grade 8 is a coherent framework of knowledge, understanding, and thinking skills embracing key principles and concepts of the four major fields of science. This foundation, beyond preparing kids for successful pursuit of any area of science they might choose, sets the stage for their lifelong learning and meeting the challenges of everyday life.

  • Mastery of NGSS and other standards occur as a natural fallout of rigorous, coherent science learning; not from disjointed units that are easily forgotten. (Vol. I & II appendices give connection between text and NGSS. NGSS deficiencies are noted.)
  • Novice teachers with little background in science report learning along with their students. They are excellent role models in doing so.
  • To reduce cost, images, graphs, etc. are not included in the texts. Instead, users are referred to Google ___. This site provides direct links to those images and additional information. (Click “Forums” in top menu, then click to desired text section and lesson.)
  • Reading and writing. Each BFSU lesson includes a follow-up section, “Questions/Discussion/Activities to Review, Expand and Assess Leaning”. Included here are a variety of writing assignments. Also included is a list of age-appropriate books concerning the topic. This facilitates, the teaching and practice of reading and writing along with each science lesson for a synergy of both.
  • Parent and caregiver engagement. Every BFSU lesson includes a list of practical things caregivers can do to support their children’s learning/understanding of the topic at hand. Gone is the taskmaster role of seeing that kids just do homework.
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Development of scientific ideas and concepts is a continuum that extends in an unbroken sequence through all three Volumes. This is to say, Volume II lessons should not be attempted without students’ prior mastery of basic ideas presented in Volume I; the same goes Volume III versus II. Therefore, older students without significant science background should still start with Volume I. Lessons can be presented in abbreviated form in an ageappropriate way. (See abridged version of BFSU, Vol. I below.)