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There are many points where the BFSU texts advise  you to “Google _____” for videos, photographs, or other supporting information. This site will relieve you of that effort. Use the forum below (scroll down) to click to the given lesson. There you will find direct links to videos, graphics, and other material supporting the lesson. (Please inform me of any errors, links that are not working, or other problems. Dr. Bernie Nebel,

All science exploration, learning, and discovery starts with, “That’s curious!” Encourage your kids to express what they find “curious”or have trouble understanding, and post it in the comment boxes provided. Exploring kid’s “curiosities” is fun and helps everyone’s learning. Also, feel free to post additional material you find or produce that will help others with the lesson.

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Development of scientific ideas and concepts is a continuum that extends in an unbroken sequence through all three Volumes. This is to say, Volume II lessons should not be attempted without students’ prior mastery of basic ideas presented in Volume I; the same goes Volume III versus II. Therefore, older students without significant science background should still start with Volume I. Lessons can be presented in abbreviated form in an ageappropriate way. (See abridged version of BFSU, Vol. I below.)