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Science Education for the Early Grades

BFSU, “Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding” is a text giving a complete science curriculum for grades K-8. This site provides direct links to supplementary photos, videos, and graphics referenced in the BFSU texts. Use the menu below to click through and find a particular lesson, then find the desired material. Please post related questions or leave comments in the box provided. Websites are ephemeral; please inform me, of any site that is nonfunctional or of other problems. Dr. Nebel, <>

For things/experiences you would like to share or further science topics you would like to explore, please use the “open discussion”(see upper right corner). 

If you are unfamiliar with BFSU, the following video will describe its key features. For sample lessons and other information, go to: . To purchase BFSU, scroll to the bottom of this page and click on covers of desired texts.

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Development of scientific ideas and concepts is a continuum that extends in an unbroken sequence through all three Volumes. This is to say, Volume II lessons should not be attempted without students’ prior mastery of basic ideas presented in Volume I; the same goes Volume III versus II. Therefore, older students without significant science background should still start with Volume I. Lessons can be presented in abbreviated form in an ageappropriate way. (See abridged version of BFSU, Vol. I below.)