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Science Education for the Early Grades

BFSU, “Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding” is a complete science curriculum for grades K-8. This site is to provide support and help in implementing lessons. For each lesson, you will find links to photos, illustrations, videos, and key points that will aid your presentation. Just click through in the menu below. In addition, you are encouraged to post questions, leave comments, or make suggestions regarding a lesson in the comment box provided. Any problems or errors you encounter in using this site or suggestions for improvement should be addressed to Dr. Nebel. He may be reached at:

For those not familiar with BFSU, the following video will describe key features of how the curriculum is designed and how it should lead to students gaining a more comprehensive knowledge and understanding of scientific principles, concepts, and thinking. For sample lessons and other information regarding BFSU, go to: . (To purchase BFSU, scroll to the bottom of this page.)

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Development of scientific ideas and concepts is a continuum that extends in an unbroken sequence through all three Volumes. This is to say, Volume II lessons should not be attempted without students’ prior mastery of basic ideas presented in Volume I; the same goes Volume III versus II. Therefore, older students without significant science background should still start with Volume I. Lessons can be presented in abbreviated form in an ageappropriate way. (See abridged version of BFSU, Vol. I below.)