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Dinosaur Babies

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      Bernard Nebel

      For kids who are into dinosaurs, here is an article that may engender some fun conversation. I confess that I have been prone to think of dinosaurs only as the individual monstrous animals they were. However, they must have each had their respective life cycle the same as modern reptiles, generation after generation. I think it may be fun to speculate about the life of a baby dinosaur growing up, finding a mate, and having babies in turn. Please let us know how it goes.

      The first baby diplodocus skull ever found is helping scientists uncover
      how tiny babies that hatched from melon-sized eggs grew into the some of
      the largest animals that ever walked the Earth.

      It has always been a bit of a mystery…we have usually taken the
      “Jurassic Park” approach of inferring from analogy.

      But now we have a rare fossil find (only a very small proportion of
      fossil remains are known to be immature or newly hatched individuals).


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