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      Bernard Nebel

      Erosion occurs in several steps (see text):

      1. Splash erosion: Rain drops falling on bear soil break up and scatter fine particles of soil as seen in the central portion of this video:

      (Ignore the lecture portion which is in a foreign language.

      Note also how soil is protected by a vegetative or mulch cover.

      Also: type into your browser: splash erosion images

      With any slope at all, soil is washed away resulting in sheet, rivulet, and gully erosion

      1. Sheet erosion: Sheet erosion is often evidenced by small stones sitting on “pillars” of soil. See:

      (Ask students to explain how this comes about. Answer: Stones have protected underlying soil from the impact of rain drops. The soil between pillars has washed away. Visualize the amount.)

      1. As water runs off soil it gathers into larger and larger rivulets and waterways leading to  rivulet and gully erosion.

      Rivulet erosion, See:

      Gully erosion: Type into your browser: gully erosion images

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