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The General Structure of Atoms (video lecture)

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      Bernard Nebel

      Review: We now know that all matter (solids, liquids, and gases) is comprised of atoms. (Whether a substance is solid, liquid, or gas depends on the degree to which atoms or groups of atoms are attracted to one another. 

       What are atoms? Atoms are much too tiny to be seen in detail even with the most powerful microscope. However, years of experimentation conducted mostly over the fist half of the 1900s have given us a model of their basic structure. Highlights of this experimentation and rational thinking is described in the following video. It goes fast. Make ample use of the pause button to reflect on and discuss each part.  

      You may consider inviting students to pursue this history as individual study projects (Google: history atomic theory). Key figures are Ernst Rutherford (1911) and Niels Bohr (1913) were noted contributors.

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