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Grafting Fruit Trees

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      Bernard Nebel

      Each Red Delicious apple you buy year to year is the same as every other. Indeed, all Red Delicious apples are members of a clone. They are reproduced by means of grafting. The same goes every other variety of fruit. A common technique of grafting is shown in the video below.

      Interestingly, the genetics of the root stock does not influence the nature of the fruit produced. A red delicious apple scion graphed onto a different species of apple-related root stock will remain a red delicious apple. However, if the scion is too genetically different (e.g., different family) from the rootstock, the scion will simply not grow due to a genetic incompatibly between scion and rootstock.   


      Discuss pros and cons of sexual vs asexual reproduction. The following table will help.


      Would evolution be possible without sexual reproduction? With sexual reproduction could it be prevented? 

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