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How did your kids do on Lessons C-1 to C-4?

Science Education for the Early Grades Forums Open Discussion How did your kids do on Lessons C-1 to C-4?


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      Bernard Nebel

      I am particularly interested to know how your kids (K-2) respond(ed) to the physical science lessons C-1 to C-4, and further. Do/did they accept and master the ideas/concepts of energy, or are/were they boggled by them. I ask because conventional wisdom in educational circles is largely of the view that K-2 level kids are too young to grasp these ideas in a meaningful way. I obviously disagree; hence the lessons are there. But I need your feedback to make the point that it is a matter how the concepts are presented (or to be proved wrong). Hence, please give me your feedback regarding how your kids did/are doing on these lessons.
      Bernie Nebel

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      My kids did okay with the energy concepts. My husband has been reviewing with them since we finished book 1 and although they don’t remember everything, the basic concepts were there. I think it was a good introduction.

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      Bernard Nebel

      Thanks Peywuei for sharing your experiences with the lessons.

      Dr. Nebel is away for the week, but will be interested to read your note when he returns.

      Thanks again,

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