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      I’m looking for reference books for every BFSU thread (biology, chemistry, earth sciences,and physics). My children tend to forget past topics and having good books for review would really help. Dr. Nebel and BFSU community, do you have any recommendations?

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      Bernard Nebel

      “My children tend to forget…” Your children are not unique in this, nor is it just children. We all forget things that are not brought back and refreshed now and again. Call it review, but that review does not need to be from a book. In fact there is a better way.

      The whole objective of science is not to learn a bunch of facts; it is to become able to look at the real world, both natural and human-made aspects, and gain understanding as to why things are as they are and happen the way they happen. For example, suppose kids have learned about inertia (Lesson C-5). The best way to review this is not to read about it again in a book; it is to call it mind in real life situations. Why is important to fasten your seat belt? What is involved in kicking mud from your boots? … a dog shaking water from its fur?

      In short, I believe the best sort of review is bring kids to consider things/happenings in the real world and with Q and A bring them to consider the “what” and “why” in terms of their learning (or perhaps formulation of questions for future learning). For ideas in doing this, see the sections in each lesson: “Questions/Discussion/Activities to Review, Reinforce, and Assess Learning” and “To Parents and Others Providing Support”.

      I hope others will respond here as well.
      Best, Bernie Nebel

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      Thank you Dr. Nebel! We’ll do.

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