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Starting Vol. 2 soon–what type/brand of microscope?

Welcome to BFSU: Forums Open Discussion Starting Vol. 2 soon–what type/brand of microscope?

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      I just wanted to get a sense of what microscopes people have had good experiences with. I have an 11-year-old. I like the look of the Brock Magiscope but it is pretty expensive and I’m not sure it has the magnification for the observations we’re supposed to make in Vol. 2. I’m very inexperienced with microscopes and don’t want to buy the wrong thing!

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      Bernard Nebel

      The Brock microscope is the one microscope that I DO NOT recommend. Focusing is very tricky. Then, when you wish to go from scanning to higher power you must disassemble, screw in the higher power lens, and refocus. Refocusing under the higher power is almost impossible.

      Therefore, go with the three-lens, par focal, standard student scope, an example of which may be seen at

      They are actually less expensive than the Brock.

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