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      Bernard Nebel

      See the text for a description of the units of electrical power (watts, kilowatts) and how they are measured. Turning to your own consumption of electrical power, examine you your electricity bill. In the absence of having your own electric bill, see a sample at:

      Note that “delivery services” are the charges for building and maintaining the network of transmission lines that deliver the power from generating stations to your home. Second are the “supply services”, the charge for the power you use; the cost per kilowatt hour ($0.____ per kWh) times the number of kilowatt hours (kWh) you have used. Discuss what you and your family can do to reduce the kWh you use and how much this will save. What can you do with the savings?

      In undertaking conservation measures, it is sensible to consider the amount of power each appliance uses. The following site gives you the amount of power consumed by each sort of appliance (if not given on the appliance itself).

      Then, how much can you reduce the use of those appliances?

      Please post how you do with this lesson.

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