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      Qusetion: Each lesson has a list, “Books for Correlated Reading.” Are they required?

      Answer: Emphatically, No!

      You should not need additional books or to study additional information for these lessons. I have made every effort to put all the information, explanations, and directions for each lesson into the “Methods and Procedures” section of the lesson.

      That said, the books listed under “Books for Correlated Reading” at the end of each lesson are to provide additional benefits.

      They provide a means of helping children develop reading and reading-comprehension skills in connection with the science they are learning.
      They provide a means of reviewing and reinforcing the lesson in so far as the books cover the same material.
      They expand comprehension of the lesson in that the books will present the ideas from different points of view, give different examples, present different aspects, and so on.
      They show students that the same information may be found in numerous different sources. Or, if there is disagreement, there is cause for further investigation.
      Bernie Nebel

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      Are there any books that may serve as a general anchor for the science concepts taught in each of the three books? For example, is there an encyclopedia or small set of books that could give access to multiple topics in one or a few location(s). I love the approach described in the book, but am finding the thought of not having an anchor text to be very unnerving.

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