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Books on Biomes


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      For this lesson we actually took an extra month to focus on different types of biomes. We spent a week on forests (deciduous and rainforest), then a week on grasslands (prairie and savannah), then did a day each for desert, tundra, freshwater biomes, and the ocean. Here are some of the books we enjoyed:

      The books in the “Amazing Science” series by Laura Purdie Salas were simple and appropriate for a young audience.

      The “Biomes of North America” series was great for reading aloud because it takes a virtual walk through the biome, incorporating descriptions of how it looks, feels, smells, etc. The books have actual photos as well as sidebar illustrations and the graphic design is attractive. The series also includes several books on various water biomes.

      The books in the “One Small Square” series by Donald Silver (which were also listed under the correlated reading in the BFSU book) were utterly fantastic. It’s a great concept with detailed illustrations and simple experiments to go along with it, many of which can be done wherever you live.

      Finally, the “Wildlife Atlas” by John Farndon was a great all-in-one reference, which also highlights WHY various animals live where they do. This is more of a middle-school book, but has attractive illustrations and maps that can be enjoyed by younger kids.

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