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Color printable energy and action cards with activity

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      I turned the action/energy cards activity into a little bit of a game with my class of 10. I gave every student one of each of the energy cards that they held in their hand. I then showed them one of the action cards and had them pick one (or more) of the energy cards to put face down. When everyone had an energy card face down, I said “flip it” and everyone would flip theirs over. We took time to let the kids explain why they thought it was the energy card they chose and then we’d discuss the correct answer and then placed it in the correct column on the floor. Giving everyone a chance to pick an energy card for each action allowed me to see who was understanding more and better dispel misconceptions because they weren’t pushed aside by a few people saying the answer every time. Hope this helps! I also made color printables using the template the “stoker” posted (thanks!).

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      Thank you!

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      Can you make your cards printable so we can use them at home? Thanks!

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      Thanks for sharing

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      Thank you

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