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Creating and Reading Climatographs

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      Bernard Nebel

      Have kids contemplate measuring and recording the rainfall and the high and low temperatures for each and every day over several years. Then, from this data they should determine the average total amount of rainfall that occurred each month and also the average temperature for each month. Plotting this final data gives what is called a climatograph.

      The following site describes this process in more detail and gives an example.

      The following site gives a map of the United States. Clicking on any location will pull up a climatograph for that location. Have kids choose a location and from the climatograph describe the weather (temperature and probability of rain) that should be expected there at a given time/season of year. Use the “Packing cloths for a trip to _____” described in the text.

      Take pains to review and correlate climates with the types of biomes addressed in Lesson D-4.

      Please post questions.

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