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Bunny hopping on the moon

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      Bernard Nebel

      With very careful and precise measurements, scientists have discovered that all masses (objects with weight when gravity is present) have a very weak attraction for one another. This is gravitational attraction. With small masses, this attraction is so weak that it is not noticed. It only becomes conspicuous with masses the size of planets and moons. Then, the degree of gravity experienced is proportional to the size of the bode. The larger the body the greater its gravity; the smaller the body the less its gravity. This became conspicuous when astronauts explored the moon in the 1960’s and 70s. The moon is about a 1/50 th of the Earth’s mass. Therefore, its gravity is only 1/6 ¬†of that on Earth. This is to say that a man with space weighing 300 pounds on Earth, only weighs 50 pounds on the moon. Hence he can jump about on the moon in a spectacular manner with little effort as seen in this video. Notice in the “bunny hopping” that he goes higher, glides further, an comes down more slowly than would occur on earth. Yes, the lesser gravitational pull on the moon means that things not only weigh less; they also fall more slowly enabling the longer hops.



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