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How to deal with teaching seasons when we don't have them?

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      We currently live in Malaysia, just a few degrees north of the equator. This poses some interesting challenges when it comes to lessons like this one – we have no real seasons as such, it rains a bit more or less but the temperature stays about the same all year, there are no seasonal plants, and the length of the day is very similar all year. I’m trying to figure out how best to teach this lesson given the lack of observable phenomena, and would love any ideas.

      I can pick a location that has seasons, perhaps where someone in our extended family lives so the kids have a connection and memory of the place, and just have them check the weather report periodically, but is that likely to be enough? We’ve lived here for nearly three years now and I don’t think my kids remember what it’s like to have seasons, to be honest.

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      Maybe nature documentaries that deal with seasons? Frozen Planet by the BBC has 4 episodes of the 7 that deal specifically with the different seasons in each Pole.

      Edit: Just following some links on Wiki, BBC’s The Blue Planet has an episode that deals seasons in seas.

      Planet Earth has an episode on seasonal forests.

      Nature’s Great Events is all about seasonal changes.

      You could maybe check National Geographic and Discovery documentaries if they’re easier to get in Malaysia?

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      Bernard Nebel

      Try typing into your browser:
      _______ (Region)______ (season) photos

      I just did it for New England, spring, summer, fall, and winter (separately) and got nice photos representative of each season. Of course, your will need to express what the temperatures are like as well. Good luck. Bernie Nebel

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      The BBC education website also has some small clips which show the changing seasons:

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