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Lesson Outline for Quick Reference

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      Trout Lily

      This is what I printed out to refer to during the lesson:

      To Have Prepared:
      -a collection of items that can be sorted into states of matter
      -boxes or signs marked ‘Solid’, ‘Gas’, and ‘Liquid’

      -Liquid – water or anything that flows like water; syrups may flow slowly; liquids are kept in containers
      -Gas – air or anything that behaves like air; all smells are something in gas form
      -Solid – any and all things that have a distinct size and shape; will sit by itself with no need for container; may be hard/brittle, soft/flexible, light/heavy

      -What about sugar or Cream of Wheat? Test ‘Does it keep its shape’?
      -What about balloons?
      -What parts of your body exemplify different states of matter?

      Water comes as liquid, solid and gas

      Solid <-> liquid.
      -Classify ice cube. Watch it change to water. So is it solid or liquid? States change. Present state is what is important.
      -How do the changes occur? Lead to understanding that temperature is almost always involved.
      -What about butter or wax?

      Liquid <-> gas.
      -Something wet dries…what happened to the water? Called WATER VAPOR.
      -what are smells? Try coffee, spices, alcohol, essential oils

      Matter and States of Matter
      -another form of classification, right?

      -make book illustrating 3 states of matter

      -What is the one word that embraces all solids, liquids and gasses?
      -Body is made of three states of matter. Where?
      -Could an actively living organism be entirely one state of matter?
      -What is generally involved in causing a change in state?
      -Do metals and rock change their state? What about blowing glass?
      -What is supercooling?

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