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Lesson Outline for Quick Reference

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      Trout Lily

      This is what I printed out for my own reference guide to the lesson:

      To have prepared:
      -Assortment of miscellaneous items from around house: pencils/markers, scraps of colored paper and cloth, toys, books, buttons, beads, string, paper clips, office supplies…

      -Things are ORGANIZED into different CATEGORIES. Go through many examples: kitchen, library, grocery store, house, laundry, daily activities, food groups
      -Why do we put things in categories and organize them accordingly?
      -We can break things down into more categories or we can combine categories into a larger group. Example: Produce->fruits and veggies or produce + other food-> groceries.

      -Sort collected items. Can be sorted by color, material, purpose of item… No single right way to do it.
      – Human brain just isn’t capable of handling lots of different things at the same time. Or maybe it is somewhere in your brain but you can’t recall or remember it. Without organization, many bits of info may be forgotten.
      -Game: Take 20 items from around house, look at collection for 60 seconds and then list as many items as you can recall in 2 minutes. How can you improve that recollection? Group into categories (fewer than 5). Try again. Did you remember more?

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