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Making a mindmap and seeing connections from Galileo to angler fish

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      Note: I posted this in the Yahoo group, and Dr. Nebel asked if I’d share here, too. Much obliged!


      My 7-year-old son and I had a really fun discussion this morning, and I wanted to make a mind map of it after the fact. It started because he wanted to show me how if you drop two objects from the same height, they will reach the ground at the same time. He then demonstrated that it isn’t the case if wind resistance is involved (so, a piece of paper dropped at the same time as a book will have a different result).

      What resulted next was a flurry of questions and looking up info, coming up with new questions and topics and looking up those.

      We ended with deep sea fish, and he thought it was hilarious that he connected Galileo’s Pisa experiment to angler fish. He thought it was fantastic how so many things in science are connected, and we talked about how we will have a better understanding of our world if we can see those connections.

      We then connected dinosaurs to Legos. Haha!

      I’m reading through my friend’s copy of BFSU vol. 1, and today’s mind mapping activity just helped solidify for me how connected everything is. It just makes sense to make these connections! If we look at one field in isolation, we won’t gain as much as we might if we made connections to other areas as we go.

      If you would like to view our mindmap, here is a link.’s rough.

      With regard to implementing BFSU, I think it will become apparent how to follow the flow as we go. It seems to be fairly natural, really. I’m excited, and so is he!

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      Bernard Nebel

      Thanks Kaxy, I think everyone will appreciate the idea of mind mapping.
      Bernie Nebel

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