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Not Cear on Getting Stated

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      Question: Can you give me a specific schedule to follow?
      Answer: Many people look for me to give them a specific schedule of which lesson to do when, but, this is counter my basic intent of presenting a curriculum that gives you the flexibility to adjust lessons to your child’s level, pace of learning, interests, and special opportunities that come along.
      Therefore, beyond reading the “Orientation” sections, my only advice is: Just START. Starting with the # 1 lesson of any Progression that strikes your fancy will work. Then invite your kids to say where (what lesson) they want to go next.
      Most find that once they start, the road ahead becomes more clear. Your children’s progress in learning tends to become its own motivating and guiding light.

      If any problems or difficulties arise along the way, please post. It will be my pleasure to help, so far as I can, and I look for others to join the discussion as well.

      Bernie Nebel

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      It does seem like it can be approached as a “choose your own adventure” kind of progression. At first, I too thought I would want the entire thing mapped out. I then realized I would likely scrap it midway and to do that wouldn’t be beneficial.

      But if I follow Bernie’s advice above and “just start,” and get our feet wet, I think that would be more productive.

      For example, we might start the A/B1 for the sake of starting, and after that discussion, we could say hmm…do we choose to dig into solids, liquids and gasses, or maybe we want to talk about living, natural non-living, human things and see the connections that follow?

      Or, we might be in one thread and wanting to move through it for a few lessons.

      I do like the thought of following the natural flow of a child’s interests!

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