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      I love the flexibility of BFSU and how all of the threads are integrated with each other. However, when I tried to make lesson plans, I would get overwhelmed every time I looked at the flow chart!

      Instead, I typed out a list of the lesson names along with their prerequisites, which I printed and cut out into strips.

      This allowed me to experiment and rearrange as needed until I came up with a progression which worked best for our family. It also helped me visualize what topics we would be working on at a given time of year and adjust it so that topics such as plants could be covered in the spring.

      In case anyone else finds this method to be useful, here is the prerequisite list for the second edition of BFSU in a printer-friendly format:

      A/B-1 Organizing Things into Categories
      Prerequisites: None

      A-2 Solids, Liquids, and Gases and Change with Temperature
      Prerequisites: A/B-1

      A-3 Air is a Substance and the Concept of Atmosphere
      Prerequisites: A-2, B-2, D-1

      A-4 Matter I: Its Particulate Nature
      Prerequisites: A-2, A-3

      A-5 Distinguishing Materials
      Prerequisites: A/B-1, A-2

      A-5A Magnets and Magnetic Fields
      Prerequisites: A-5, D-3A

      A-6 Matter II: Air Pressure, Vacuums, and the Earth’s Atmosphere
      Prerequisites: A-3, A-4, D-1

      A-7 Air: A Mixture of Gases (Mixtures and Chemical Reactions)
      Prerequisites: A-4, A-5, B-3, C-3, [A-8 close proximity]

      A-8 Matter III: Evaporation and Condensation; The Basis of the Water Cycle
      Prerequisites: C-1, A-2, A-4, A-6

      A-9 Matter IV: Dissolve, Solutions, and Crystallization
      Prerequisites: A-4, A-7, A-8

      A-10 Rocks, Minerals, Crystals, Dirt, and Soil
      Prerequisites: A-4, A-5, A-9, B-2

      B-2 Distinguishing Living or Biological, Natural Earth, and Human-Made Things
      Prerequisites: A/B-1, A-2

      B-3 The Plant and Animal Kingdoms: Distinguishing Between Plants and Animals
      Prerequisites: B-2, C-1, C-3

      B-4 Life Cycles
      Prerequisites: B-2, B-3, [B-4A may be concurrent]

      B-4A Identifications of Living Things and Why Plants and Animals Live Where They Do
      Prerequisites: B-2, B-3

      B-4B What is a Species?
      Prerequisites: B-4, [B-4A concurrent]

      B-5 Concepts of Adaptations, Food Chains, and Energy Flow
      Prerequisites: C-1, B-3, B-4, B-4A [concurrent], D-4 [may be concurrent]

      B-5A Adaptations and Survival
      Prerequisites: B-4, B-4A [concurrent/ongoing], B-5

      B-6 How Animals Move I: The Skeleton and Muscle System
      Prerequisites: None

      B-7 How Animals Move II: Different Body Designs; Major Animal Phyla
      Prerequisites: B-3, B-4A, B-5, B-5A, B-6

      B-8 How Animals Move III: Coordinating Body Movements; The Nervous System
      Prerequisites: A-7, A-9, B-6, C-1, C-3A

      B-9 How Animals Move IV: Energy to Run the Body (Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology)
      Prerequisites: A-7, A-9, B-7, B-8, C-4

      B-10 Plant Science I: Basic Plant Structure and Reproduction
      Prerequisites: A-7, B-4, B-4A, B-4B, B-5A

      B-11 Plant Science II: Germination, Seedling Growth, and Responses
      Prerequisites: B-5A, B-10, C-3

      B-12 Plants, Soil, Water, and Erosion
      Prerequisites: A-10, B-5, B-9, B-11, D-8

      C-1 Concepts of Energy I: Making Things Go
      Prerequisites: None; Integrate with A-2, B-3, D-1

      C-2 Sound, Vibrations, and Energy
      Prerequisites: A-3, A-4, C-1

      C-3 Concepts of Energy II: Kinetic and Potential Energy and the Flow of Energy
      Prerequisites: A-2, A-4, B-2, C-1, D-1, B-3 [may be concurrent]

      C-3A Energy and Force
      Prerequisites: C-1, C-3, D-1

      C-4 Concepts of Energy III: Distinguishing Between Matter and Energy
      Prerequisites: A-2, A-3, A-4, C-1, C-3

      C-5 Inertia
      Prerequisites: C-1, C-3, C-3A, C-4

      C-6 Friction
      Prerequisites: C-1, C-2, C-3, C-3A, C-4, C-5

      C-7 Push Pushes Back
      Prerequisites: C-1, C-3, C-5, C-6

      D-1 Gravity I: The Earth’s Gravity; Horizontal and Vertical
      Prerequisites: None; Integrate with A-3, C-1, C-3, C-3A

      D-2 Day and Night and the Earth’s Rotation
      Prerequisites: D-1, D-3 [concurrent or soon after]

      D-3 Reading and Drawing Maps
      Prerequisites: None

      D-3A North, East, South, and West
      Prerequisites: D-2, D-3 [previously or concurrently]

      D-4 Land Forms and Major Biomes of the Earth
      Prerequisites: D-3, D-3A, B-4A [concurrently], [ties in with A-8]

      D-5 Time and the Earth’s Turning
      Prerequisites: D-2, D-3, D-3A

      D-6 Seasonal Changes and the Earth’s Orbit
      Prerequisites: D-2, D-3A, D-4, D-5, [concurrent with B-4A]

      D-7 Gravity II: Rate of Fall, Weightlessness in Space, and Distinction Between Mass and Weight
      Prerequisites: D-1, A-3, A-4, C-5, C-6

      D-8 Rocks and Fossils
      Prerequisites: D-4, A-10

      E-1 Resources: Developing an Overview
      Prerequisites: A-5, A-10, B-2, B-12, C-1

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      Thank you for this list!

      To help me organzie/plan, I’ve written each lesson on an index card along with page numbers, prereqs, materials needed, and special considerations for that lesson. Now I can order them however I see fit and easily redo it if needed!

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      Thanks! This is great.

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      Oh, Carriede, what I would give to see those cards!!!!

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      What a great idea! I just got my copy of BFSU, and am planning to start using it with my two oldest boys (ages 7.5 and 5.5, 2nd grade and kindergarten) at the end of March. I was a little daunted in trying to figure out what to do when, and this suggestion is so helpful, thank you!

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