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Where fossils are found

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      Bernard Nebel

      Fossils are the remnants of animals and plants buried in sediments long ago. Hence, on can potentially find fossils by digging in/chipping away at almost any sedimentary rock. However, scientist explorers have discovered certain areas that are exceptionally rich in fossils. Apparently cataclysmic events caused animals to gather at this location and then resulted in their being buried together. The following videos show examples of explorations and discovery.

      Note that all pictures depicting fleshed-out, living dinosaurs are “best guess” constructions of what the animal looked like based on its skeletal remains. Skeletons do provide indications of muscle mass attached, and from this scientists “flesh-out” what the animal probably looked like. Animations of dinosaur movements and behaviors are further extrapolations. Significantly, no one has ever an actual dinosaur in the flesh.

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